A selection of work by Garrett Patz


Nothing Lasts Forever

I had very limited footage to work with, so it was challenging but very fun. Filmed with an iPhone4.

Music - The Album Leaf: The Light  |  Narration - Carl Sagan: Pale Blue Dot  |  Cut & Color - After Effects & Colorista II



Learning more with Cinema 4D.

Music: Flying Lotus - DMT Song

What is in your heart? 

This is a short visual I did for a speech by Josh Higgins (

Filming & Editing: Garrett Patz  |  Idea: Josh Higgins  |  Speech: Alan Watts (  |  Music: Caspian - Waking Season (


One second for thirty days

Inspired by Steffen K's project:

One second of animation every day for thirty days in Cinema 4D for the purpose of learning.

Sound: Airhead - Stilt Beetles